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BBT helps you build Smart City with Communication Antennas

Thanks to modern technologies, we use fewer vehicles, fewer resources and produce less harmful emissions. In practice, this means an efficient network of public transport, economical water supply, reliable waste collection and its treatment services, more efficient ways of lighting and heating buildings.

But it also includes responsible and interactive city management, safer public spaces and responsiveness to the needs of an ageing population.

Today, 54% of people live in cities. In 30 years, we expect this number to increase to ⅔ of the population. Investing in Smart City solutions is, therefore, an investment in the future.



  • COMMUNICATION,ANTENNAS - for faster and more reliable data transmission, system of a smart city

Communication and data transfer are essential in a smart city. Data on the state of the air, the situation in traffic, the lighting of streets and car parks, even the state of filling of waste containers. All information must be evaluated, and then the orders for actions must be returned to the original place. We have a solution for each of these applications.

  • radio modules for communication using LTE, CAT M1, LoRa or NB IoT technologies and GNSS modules for geolocation.

  •  offer wi-fi modules.

  • antennas for communication modules.

  • integrated circuits and modules for data transmission over power lines.