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Connecting you to BIG OPPORTUNITIES in Wi-Fi

So what are the BIGWi-Fi themes and topics you need to keep an eye on?

★ Giant opportunities in smart home Wi-Fi

Smart home technology and services is one of the biggest opportunities in tech overall – and Wi-Fi is the cornerstone of the smart home. Only a few percent of the homes around the globe are served by managed Wi-Fiand the need for smart home Wi-Fisolutions will keep rising. Meanwhile multi-gigabit fibre to the home is driving up the need for gigabit whole-home Wi-Fi.

★ Capitalising on 6 GHz spectrum everywhere

Release of the 6 GHz spectrum to Wi-Fi two years ago was a landmark decision in the history of technology. Since then the Wi-Fi industry has been working overtime to deliver 6 GHz Wi-Fi services everywhere. We believe we’ve only scratched the surface on capitalising on 6 GHz Wi-Fi – and that by far most of the value of the band will be extracted in the coming 5-10 years.

★ Will there be a Wi-Fi AR/VR device revolution?

Meta says yes – and certainly the Wi-Fi standards are ready to deliver gigabit speeds and extreme low latency to make it all come alive. And with rumoured glasses and headsets from Apple and others – could AR/VR (XR) happen for the mass market, or will these types of applications find their customers in industry – or both? Time to dive into the debate.